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Reversed Joker
translated by: sesera

Location: Theatre club room

Hokuto: Tomoya, do you have any experience raising children?

Tomoya: What? Wait, what does that mean? Are you proposing to me?!

Hokuto: I don't understand what you mean.
Hmm... this is hard to explain, but are you good at playing with children? I'm not, so it'd be a real help if I could leave it to you.

Tomoya: Umm. I don't really get it, but I have a little sister...
And Ra*bits is like a kindergarten, so I wouldn't say I'm not used to playing with little kids.

Hokuto: I see. That's good. I knew I could count on you, Tomoya.

Tomoya: Heehee. Hokuto-senpai, you really compliment me a lot.
For all the Masked Pervert is always pulling me into his annoying schemes, he never compliments me--or rather, he's always strict. So this makes me happy.

Hokuto: That's because he's good at what he does. When someone like that compliments you, it feels like they're looking down on you and it actually annoys you.
When the other person doesn't react as intended, you get worried. That's why instead of complimenting you, he's strict.
That means you'll react in the way he thought you would.

Tomoya: I see... Anyway, what was all that about raising children? Is some young relative of yours coming to stay with you or something?

Hokuto: No. I wish I were worrying for no reason, but...
In the theatre club's play performance the other day, our Captain died, didn't he? It was all according to what the script said, of course.
But he gets too into his roles and when he acts out dying, he really dies.

Tomoya: Wha--he can be killed? If I'd known that I could've finished him off sooner!

Hokuto: Yes, he died, in a sense... and after that, he was reborn. And for a little while, he's been a baby.

Tomoya: A baby...?

Hokuto: He's a blank slate now - an innocent baby.
Last year, something like this happened. Suddenly all he would say was "goo-goo" and "ga-ga."
I thought he was just messing around, but it really seemed like he'd died and come back to life as a baby...
For a while he was a baby, and then he grew up into a child.
Of course I'm speaking in terms of his mental state - he looked exactly the same the whole time. It took about a week until he grew to his actual age.

Tomoya: What a strange way of life he has... I really don't get it...
But when we put on the play, wasn't he fine all the way to the curtain call?

Hokuto: Yeah, that's why I thought things were okay, but...
Last year when he died in a scene, he died and his body temperature slowly dropped and he had rigor mortis - I was really scared.
But well, just in case - this year he might have died late and gotten reborn as a baby.
I thought I should tell you so you can be prepared for it if it happens.
Last year I was the only real other club member, and I'd never taken care of a kid before so it was pretty rough...
But this year you're here, so I can rely on you, Tomoya.

Tomoya: Well, I'll do my best to lighten your burden, Hokuto-senpai. Especially since all I do is hold you back on stage...
I'll try to make up for that, at least.
Plus, if that guy's died and come back to life, maybe we can raise him up into a normal person without any eccentricities?
Let's do our best together to raise a "Nice, Clean Wataru Hibiki" ☆

Hokuto: Hmm. It seems to me like if he started behaving normally now, that would be the weird thing.
But, well, I just want you to be aware that he might be acting like that.

Wataru: Fufufu! Everyone! Why the gloomy faces?
Let's smile! For we are happy!
Thanks to you, our play the other day was a complete success and we brought in lots of club money, so our next performance can be even more lavish!
Amazing! Our dreams are expanding~ ☆

Hokuto: Here's the Masked Pervert. Hmm, he doesn't look like he's going to die now.

Wataru: What? Why are you talking like I'm about to die?
That's awful, Hokuto-kun! Do you want me to die that badly?!

Hokuto: Sometimes, yes.
But last year, you died and came back to life, right? I was afraid you might pull the same stunt again.

Wataru: Ohhhhh? Hokuto-kun! Don't tell me you haven't noticed?
That was all a joke! I only pretended to die and pretended to be a baby!
I am an actor, but I don't get absorbed in the role and lose sight of myself!

Hokuto: ...I see. Well, that makes sense.

Wataru: Fufufu. The only fly in your ointment is that you're too serious, or should I say too honest?
You should doubt others more - be as flexible as rubber!
I'm sure you're still exhausted from the play, so first we should do some complete stretches!
And then switch gears and start preparing for our next play!
There's no time to waste dying and restarting your life!
Now, now, let's put all our effort into the next show until the curtain rises! Hmm-hmm-hmmmm♪

Tomoya: Ahaha. This is good, Hokuto-senpai. It looks like you were just being a worrywart, huh?
I mean, even if our Captain is a weirdo, he wouldn't go so far as to die and be reborn♪

Hokuto: ...I see. Well, that makes sense.
(But Tomoya, my fears aren't assuaged.)
(What if just before dying... before the curtain rose, he left a message for his self that was reborn again?)
(It certainly looked
 like he was just going with the flow of the moment, but...)
(He has lots of magic tricks all set up and ready to go all over the place, and he's always careful and prepared.)
(After the play the other day, some fan of his came running up and whispered something to him.)
(What if that flipped a switch, and he started acting the part of "Usual Wataru Hibiki" for the moment?)
(If he can act dead and act like a baby, then maybe he can put on an act that tricks us.)
(Maybe even now he's really dead and reborn, and is just acting so we don't catch on.)
(It actually isn't that hard to act like you're the eccentric "Wataru Hibiki." By simply acting a little odd, you'll look the part.)
(He's a genius and could do that easily.)

Wataru: ? What are you staring at so, Hokuto-kun! Look more! Like a maiden in love, kill me with your eyes... ☆

Hokuto: You wouldn't die even if I killed you...
Well, it's nothing, I'm probably just a little tired after our big performance.

Wataru: Fufufu. You know it's one of your best qualities how you give your 100% to everything you do.
But your energy is limited, and if you don't use it efficiently you'll run out of breath... Papa ♪

Hokuto: Who are you calling Papa?
That's taking the joke too far, Captain.

[Note: If you would like to hear part of this story acted out live by the voice actors, send me a DM on Twitter!]


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